Chinguacousy Concert Band & Swing Orchestra

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Chinguacousy Concert Band & Swing Orchestra

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Who is this Ching-Band anyway?

Simply put, the Chinguacousy Concert Band (CCB) is an official civic affiliate Concert Band of the City of Brampton. We were originally founded in 1872 by an entrepreneurial musician – Professor G.W.Davey – in Georgetown, but the organization, led by its members, eventually migrated to Chinguacousy Township where they were inaugurated as the township’s civic band, taking up residence in the local town hall, now known as the Brampton Civic Centre. In 1974, Brampton was created and amalgamated with, among others, Chinguacousy. (Despite being difficult to spell, we kept the name – more on this topic in another post)

The Chinguacousy Swing Orchestra (CSO) is an affiliate of the CCB, and modeled from the 1970’s “Stage Band ” concept. If you remember Maynard Ferguson’s group in this era, it was a time of roof-raising charts, big hair and tee-shirts. We’ve kept the music… but changed the hairstyle, and formed the SuperBand Concept that exists today.

We are proud to continue to be member-directed in what we feel is the “Next Generation” of community bands. We’re all playing together to have some fun and make some music… so, come and play with us!

Want To Get Back To Music?

Thinking about dusting off your instruments and joining us for a while? Great idea! There are no auditions or special skill requirements to play in Brampton’s Next Generation Community Bands. All we ask is that you can play an instrument and can read sheet music! Sit in for an evening and see what you think – Click here for more information..

Dedicated to Innovation

The Chinguacousy Concert Band is all about innovation; creating new and exciting musical opportunities for the citizens of Brampton to both enjoy musical performances, and to be a part of the music itself. In the past few years, we have done many things – here are but a few samples:

  • Returned music (and the Bandshell) to the Chinguacousy Park Bandshell
  • Revitalized live music at the Brampton Farmer’s Market
  • Opened the Rose Theatre as the first Jazz Big Band to perform in our “A-Class” venue
  • Winning awards? Yes, we’ve done that… and quite a few, if you look in to our cabinets.

Where can I go from here?

Simply click on the links below depending on where you would like to get to on our


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