Chinguacousy Swing Orchestra: Brampton’s Superband

If you’ve ever wanted to perform in a high-octane blazing stage band, the CSO may be right up your alley. The CSO strives to perform as many barn-burning selections as possible while still maximizing the “fun factor”.
If you’ve got the energy… we’ve got the band.
The CSO is (roughly) modeled after the “Stage Band” concept made popular in the 1970’s when they 㜀㌀rst appeared on the Brampton/Bramalea music scene. After a number of years in hiding, they once again appeared at the beginning of this millenium under their new name, but playing under much the same modus operandi.
While Swing is their middle name, they are anything but a traditional swing band. No genre is left untouched and includes not only swing, but other forms of jazz, a wide latin variety, blues, rock, pop vocals… you name it and the CSO performs it in their very unique way.
The CSO is proof that People + Music = a great community experience. Come out to one of our concerts – many of them free to the community – or make your starting point here on our website to learn exactly why the CSO remains not only a national award-winning big band, but stands out in front as Brampton’s Show Band.