What’s a Superband?

Originally posted November 28, 2015 by Al

So… what’s up? Let’s talk.

When it comes to music performance here at chingband, we’re always climbing over the top. 2016 is going to move us in new directions as we continue to ramp up our programs and because of this, we’re seeking your help. (Yes you!)

Essentially, you see, everyone fits into two categories.

  1. You’re a musician, or
  2. You love music.

If you just love music and never got in to playing an instrument, then it’s easy for you to help us. Just share this article with your friends, your family, your coworkers, as many times as you can and indeed, in as many places as you can. Then just sit back and wait until the music hits the street! Easy, right? Try it a couple times by sharing this link:



If you’re a musician then it’s going to be just as easy for you, while keeping yourself challenged and entertained. We’d love to have you join in on this adventure – if you read music well and play bass, piano/keyboards/organ, saxophones, trombone,
trumpet, or sing… equally well. We’re looking for the skilled musicians of Brampton to come together in something known as the…

Wait, what’s a Superband?

In itself it’s a catchy name, but what exactly are we talking about here? The Superband is, in our opinion, the natural evolution of the classic “Big Band” coming out of the 40’s yet refined and evolved. Why let swing have all the fun? Let’s face it, there’s a lot of great music out there, and it can be made even greater when juiced up with a lush rhythm section and massively fat (or is it phat?) horns.

What music does a Superband play?

Another great question and we’re glad you asked. The easy answer is “everything”. Take some Funk. Take some Fusion. Explore all of the Latin styles and throw them in to the mix. Find the relevant pop music that is important today and contrast it with some Blues, Soul, or plain old Rock. Stay true to your roots and play some of the Swing classics of the big band era, just ramp them up. Mix everything together and see what comes out! This is not the Big Band of the 1940’s … not even
Maynard’s Stage Band of the 1970’s when it comes down to it. This is the next logical progression of live entertainment for the masses, and it’s the Superband.

Take chingband’s philosophy of member-driven content and direction and now you have a project of epic proportions.

Ok, you’ve got my interest. How about some examples?

Great – we want to hear from you! Samples will be posted soon as the remaining members are added to the project.

Have you got room for me?

Absolutely we do – as we said, we’re looking for the skilled and talented musicians who want to be a part of something huge. Just contact us for more details as we approach rehearsals in the beginning of 2016. [ed.. Rehearsals continue through Summer/Fall 2016, parts available] Reading music is important. We’re looking for amateur musicians located in and around Brampton of all ages with true skill and pure passion who play:

  • Vocals
  • Bass
  • Guitar
  • Drums/Percussion
  • Keyboards/Organ/Piano/Vibes
  • Trumpet
  • Saxophone(s)/Clarinet/Flute
  • Trombone

If you want to learn more and join with us on this journey, then drop us a line to start!

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