What’s in a Name?

Originally Posted September 12, 2014 by Al

Many Brampton residents may have received a calendar in December from the City showcasing the diversity of Brampton, specifically noting all of the former communities that make up what we know as Brampton today.

Amalgamation took place in 1974 and the most notable was the merger between the partial Townships of Chinguacousy, Gore, and the Town of Brampton. Rumour has it (as yet unconfirmed) that the new City would be known as “Brampton” simply because “Chinguacousy” was too hard to pronounce, or spell (or both); and “Gore” was simply… Gory. The new City settled in to the former Chinguacousy Civic Centre
as their headquarters – the downtown (with City Hall) as we know it today wasn’t built until much later in the 20th century.

So, what’s in a name? Whether it be Chinguacousy, Brampton, Bramalea, Claireville, Ebenezer, Victoria, Springbrook, Churchville, Coleraine, or Huttonville, we are all now a part of the grand City of Brampton; but these names continue to reflect our heritage and where we came from. A small portion of pride for the many geographic groups of citizens who now reside under the simple, memorable, and well-known banner, of Brampton.

It’s a larger portion of pride for the Chinguacousy Bands of course. While remaining an official affliate to the City of Brampton, and a Civic band by our very nature, we will never change our name. It’s just a great reminder of where we came from.

Chinguasousy Crest

Chinguacousy: “Land of the Tall Pines”


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